Your sales and stock data from retail portals – when and how you need them

Analize your B2B retail portal data: Automated, Tailormade and Integrated with any other relevant data.

Several additional portals are available (e.g. Falabella, Tottus, PC Factory, etc.).
We extract data from a wide variety of Databases, ERPs, CRMs or other sources.
We create you an automated report or teach you how to do it yourself.
You can access your data directly with Excel, PowerBI or other applications.
If all you need is a file, you only have to choose the format.

We understand the challenges of handling sales and stock data obtained through retailer portals.

Analytical Challenge

A solution that does not limit results

Rely on tools and services that allow you to automate the entire data processing chain. Without artifical limitations.

Arrive in the morning, with the reports ready to be used. Without data processing issues.

Management Challenge

Get the analysis when it is needed

Make commercial decisions based on credible, timely and reliable analysis. Without having to ask.

Have your team work on analizing data, no on processing it.

Caracteristics and Benefits of our Solution



Customized, Automated, Selfserviced - Tools won't restict you.



Standardized or Tailormade - You can have both.



Portals, Cloud, On-premise - You name it, we get it.



File, Database, Cloud Storage - Choose your solution(s).

Analytical Benefits

  1. Your sales and stock reports will update overnight, without having to open Excel
  2. You can access, learn and use a cutting-edge, self-service solution – no coding necessary
  3. Automated logics are monitored and robust solutions can be part of the service

Management Benefits

  1. Required Sales and Stock Dashboards are accesible when and where it is needed.
  2. Automated logics minimize the factor of human errors.
  3. Dashboards will be ready for review first thing in the morning. Every Day.

Our Pricing Options per Portal


First Portal - 3 Months


  • Daily Automated File Extracion
  • Monitoring and Email Alerts
  • File Transfer via Email or Shared Folder
  • Direct Data Access (ODBC, API, etc.)
  • Sales and Stock Data from Retail Portals


Files to Go

UF 2/Month

  • Daily Automated File Extraction
  • Monitoring and Email Alerts
  • File transfer via Email or Shared Folder
  • Sales and Stock Data from Retail Portals


Data to Go

UF 6/Month

  • Same as Basic, plus:
  • Data Cleansing and Consolidation
  • Direct Data Access (ODBC, API, etc.)
  • Access to Standard Dashboards (PowerBI)


Reports to Go


  • Same as Advanced, plus:
  • Data extraction from other data sources
  • Data Modelling and Data Preparation
  • Single Source of Truth Storage Solution
  • Data Governance Solution
  • Advanced Data Selfservice Solution
  • Guided Development

What our Customers have to say

Mauricio Hinojosa / IT Manager (Gourmet)

“We compared the solution with Teamcore and Instoreview. Stratify beat both. The solution is more flexible, and it managed to cover 100% of our requirements, not just part of it.”

Roberto Meza / FP&A Manager (Demaria)

“I like the fact that we can connect PowerBI directly to the stock and sales data from the retail portals. Skipping Excel gave us a huge boost in productivity.”

Maurizzio Fregosi / FP&A Manager (Italmod)

“Not having to process files any more is a blessing. The best part is, that we can now blend retail data with our own and automate it.”

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