Control Buildings with X-Ray Vision in Realtime

  • Online realtime dashboards
  • Customized email and SMS alerts
  • Sensor data available for any type of consumption and/or integration
  • Tailormade engineering solution for sensor selection and implementation
  • Sensors for temperature, water and energy management, access management, doors, electricity, vibration, humidity, and many more

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Holanda 1280, Oficina 1204, Providencia, Santiago de Chile

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Enhanced Asset Control

Extend the life cycle of your assets through advanced data-driven maintenance and incident management.

Quick Incident Response

Real-time alerts via email or sms allow for immediate responses to incidents that otherwise remain unnoticed.

Sleep Peacefully

Reliable, automated monitoring of critical aspects of your building – 24/7 and without human dependencies.

Anticipate Issues

Identify patterns in your sensor data that allow you to anticipate failures of critical components.


Proven Solutions

Solutions made to last where it matters most: on site.


Sensor Variety

Wide variety of sensors available that can be combined to meet most use case requrirements.


Hightech Design

High-level design and development practices allow for hightly customized solutions.


High Tech Lab

Installations designed to produce highly reliable, robust and customized solutions.



High quality of design, development and deployment of on-site solutions.



Cutting edge IT Solution ensures that data is avialable when decisions are required.



Flexible, customized, near-realtime and analytical dashboards provide data when, where and how it is needed.


Remote Operation

Operate your installations remotely, either manually or by automated triggers.



Emails and SMS generated by customized triggers.


Cutting-edge Technology

Flexible, cloud-based architecture desigend to adjust to use case requirements.

Jose Cabello / Administrador Edificio

“It is quite comfortable for me. Automatic alerts on water leaks and on malfunctioning equipment has improved response times and damage control significantly.”

Giorgio Rossi / Administrador Edificio

“In our field it is very important to be up to date with technology. Remote sensors are one of the upcoming solutions withthe most potential to improve building management.”

Rodrigo Bustamante / Administrador Edificio

“Stratify has a model that is a perfect fit for what we need in the buildings that I am managing. I like their focus on solving challenges of our operation.”


Discover the hidden value of your data with Stratify and transform your business now!