“Second Lung” Service

Flexible 100% Service Model, tailored to current data needs.

  • Activation and maintenance of an advanced toolbox.
  • Activation and maintenance of robust data governance.
  • Resource enablement as needed.

Services used by clients who…

  • ...face transformational changes exceeding internal bandwidth in data management.
  • ...need to avoid growing technological debt in data
  • ...require responsiveness and operational continuity in data management, regardless of fluctuations in demand or internal capacity.

Example situations:

  • \Success bottleneck: Analysts spend more time maintaining existing reports, reducing their ability to respond to new requirements.
  • \ERP system change: A change in the ERP system necessitates greater effort in adapting reporting and analytics.
  • \Restructuring: organizational restructuring poses operational risks to critical reporting.
  • \High Turnover: frequent analyst changes disrupt critical reporting and analysis.