Retail Portal Solutions

Automate data extraction from B2B portals with tailored transformations and visualizations.

  • Automated download of sales and stock data from retail portals.
  • Automated download of data from SII portal, banking portals, and other sources.
  • Data formatting in various required formats.
  • Flexible data storage allowing combining portal data with other sources (e.g., ERP).
  • Customized transformation automation.

Services used by clients who…

  • more flexible and cost-effective alternatives to Teamcore or Instoreview.
  • ...want to automate "Sellin-Sellout" sales reports fed from different sources.
  • ...aim to automate manual steps in data analysis extracted from retail portals.
  • ...desire to visualize sales data in advanced visualization tools (e.g., PowerBi, Tableau).

Example situations:

  • \Manual Download: An analyst connects to retail portals daily to download sales and stock data.
  • \Manual Processing: Preparing sales reports requires Excel usage and manual processing.
  • \Limited Transformation: Combining Sellout with Sellin data becomes difficult to impossible due to complexity, table size, and time constraints.
  • \Limited Visualization: Report visualization is restricted to Excel views with little flexibility in result analysis.