Iot Residential Buildings

Sensor and actuator solutions that support and facilitate building management.

  • Remote sensors to measure critical variables in the cost and operation aspects of a building.
  • Remote actuators enabling key building functions.
  • Real-time dashboards and alerts for analytical purposes.

Services used by clients who…

  • ...experience frequent interruptions in basic services like hot water or electricity.
  • ...face high operating costs of the building and need to detect and manage causes.
  • ...require remote operation of building functions.

Example situations:

  • \Hot Water: Fluctuations and failures in the hot water circuit are only detected by residents.
  • \Irrigation System: The irrigation system frequently fails, resulting in water loss and high costs.
  • \Access Control: The building's pump room is often accessed without restrictions or alerts.
  • \Electric Consumption: The pump room experiences power cuts and high electricity consumption.