IoT Production Plants

Flexible and scalable remote measurement and control solutions for production plants.

  • Custom-designed solutions for controlling critical variables in production lines.
  • Real-time dashboards with operational indicators on-site and remote.
  • Sensor data accessibility for advanced data analysis.
  • Remote, scheduled, and/or automated control of critical plant components.

Services used by clients who…

  • ...require remote and automated measurement of critical production variables.
  • ...have multiple installations from different providers and want to unify monitoring.
  • ...face difficulties measuring critical variables with standard measurement solutions.
  • ...struggle with accessing, processing, storing, and visualizing relevant production data.

Example situations:

  • \Efficiency: Production line efficiency measurement relies on manually fed Excel spreadsheets.
  • \Waste: Waste in production lines lacks a measurement solution.
  • \Electric Consumption: Total electricity consumption in a production plant is high, without clear understanding of the cause.
  • \Water Consumption: Water consumption at different points in the production process is high, without clear understanding of the cause.