Full Service Business Intelligence

Crafting Custom Reports and Tailored Analytical Services

  • Delivery of ready-to-use reports or analyses.
  • Ongoing maintenance and enhancement of reports.

Services used by clients who…

  • ...require only one or two reports or analyses.
  • ...want to outsource part or all of data reporting and analysis.
  • ...don't have or want dedicated analysts for data work.
  • ...want to test or preview a solution before mass usage.

Example situations:

  • \Complex reports or analyses: Advanced skills (e.g. data science) needed to solve.
  • \Urgent reports or analyses: Tangible results needed in a few days or weeks.
  • \Simple reports or analyses: Crafting and upkeep doesn't need internal resources.
  • \Operational disruption: Departure of a key person led to critical report breakdown.