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Get a grip on your data without the organizational or technological hussle.

Kick-Starter for Newcomers to Data Management 

We understand the technical and organizational components that are necessary to structure, simplify and automate the management of our clients’ data.

We have a modular and integrated tool set based on cutting-edge technology. Our solution is sustained by robust and proven management processes.

Our solution allows our clientes to solve use cases at a fraction of the cost and time  that is required when using traditional solutions or services. Based on a free-of-charge evaluation and proof of concept, we offer a personalized approach to solve our clients challenges.

We aim to complement and strengthen our clients. In the short term, we assume the functions required to solve immediate needs. In the medium term, we train our counterparts to facilitate a sustainable and independent organizational growth.

Micosoft Fabric Review

The service consists of

  • Free-of-charge requirement assessment and proof of concept
  • Cutting-edge platform with modular components that can be activated and / or acquired according to individual preferences and needs
  • Operating model with robust processes that can be activated according to individual preferences and needs (e.g. data governance, tool support, maintenance, training)
  • Deep knowledge and validated experience that can be activated according to individual needs


No upfront investment

Our tools are running on a cloud platform and can be connected and used on-demand.

Variable low-cost Structure

You only pay for what you use in tools or services when you need and use it.

Positive ROI from the Get-go

Your first use case is free of charge. We make sure that every use case we engage in adds to your bottom-line value.

Cutting-edge Technology

Without an agonizing selection process, you'll get the right tools - including skilled professionals.

No Lock-in

You can take control of the solution at any time, without service interruptions.

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