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We capture the Untapped Value of Your Data

The Beginning: The formation of the team started in 2017 when facing the challenge of inconsistent, siloed, and untrustworthy data management throughout the finance operations of Laureate Education – a global network of approximately 70 universities.

The Development: During a 3-year journey, the team tried out a wide variety of supposedly cutting-edge tools. Through trial and error, a proven toolset was assembled. Several hidden gems were discovered, while other tools – sometimes highly acclaimed – were discarded. In addition, and through hard lessons learned, a robust and scalable operating model emerged. At the peak of deployment was considered a groundbreaking success.

The Spin-Off: In February 2020, Laureate Education announced the sale of assets. This rendered the solution useless, but it did not diminish its value. Seizing the opportunity, the team founded Stratify with the vision to help companies capture the untapped value of their data.

  • Data Warehouse 100% 100%
  • Data Governance 100% 100%
  • Data Extraction (ETL, ELT) 100% 100%
  • Data Visualization (Reporting & Dashboards) 100% 100%
  • Robotics (RPA) 100% 100%
  • Big Data & Data Science 100% 100%
  • (I)IoT 100% 100%

The Validation: During the first months, the team focused on offering their services to large enterprises and gaines interesting and valuable insights. Check out the video if you want to learn more about it!

The Evolution: Continuously, the team developed a convenient, low-cost ‘pay-as-you-go’ service offering for small and medium-sized companies. the service turned out an immediate success.

Today: The team is serving multiple clients in different industries. Based on the robust backbone of their solutoin, additional functionalities have been added, such as IIoT and cloud services based on AWS, Azure and GCP solutions. Stay tuned for more!

Our Team

Albert Fabritius


Albert combines years of management consulting experience in Europe, LATAM, and the US with line positions in Finance, Business Transformation, and IT.

Miguel Cintolesi

(I)IoT Partner

Miguel is a veteran in mechanical and electrical R&D and engineering with a strong background in areas such as patent management, production line design and IIoT solutions.

Diego Arenas

Advisory Board Member

Diego is a research engineer and upcoming EngD. graduate at the renowned School of Computer Science of the University of St Andrews in the UK. 

Agustín Llaña

Data Engineering

Agustin is specialized in data engineering and in cloud based IoT solutions.

Jesús Reyes

Data Engineering

Jesus is specialized in data engineering, with a strong foundation in data modelling and solution architectures.

Daniela Ortiz

Trainee Comercial

Daniela is participating in and coordinating activities related to branding, online marketing, prospecting and sales. 

Elias Ocque

Trainee Data Engineering / Science

Elias is participating in data engineering projects, taking on challenges related to data warehousing, ETLs/ELTs, and machine learning/AI related projects. 

Nicolás Castillo

Trainee Data Engineering/IoT

Nicolas is participating in client data management proyects and is part of the IoT Development team.

Carlos Calfio


Carlos is an MIT-certified data scientist with experience in finance, sales, and marketing expertise in LATAM and in the US.

Sebastian Vergara

Senior Data Engineer

Sebastian specializes in data extraction and integration, with a strong background in ETL/ELT, RPA, and DataWarehouse solutions.

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