We capture the hidden value of your data

Data Management

Ensuring that the correct data is in the right place, when it is needed, and in the necessary format.


Use cutting edge technology instead of human force for manual and repetive activities.


Help, teach, and support to become self-sufficient in process automization and data management.

What we deliver

Up to 100% automatization of reports and dashboards.

Up to 80% time savings of ad-hoc analysis.

Up to 100% elimination of human errors in data processing

Discovery of new valuable data-driven insights.

Access to previously unaccessible data and transformations.

Easy and transparent management of tools and processes.

Quick, economic, and tailored solution delivery.

How we do it

Innovative techonolgy – Cloud-based, low-code, pay-as-you-go.

Ready-to-go toolbox – Modular, integrated in production.

Shared cost model. Optional, shared tools and costs.

Proven approach – Ask our clients or give us the chance to prove it.

Free proof of concept

2 weeks set-up time.

Guaranteed time and cost savings.

No strings attached.

News and Perspectives

The latest in the world of data management and automation

Our Clients

Omar Reyes – Gerente General Circulo Verde

“We are very happy with the Stratify Solution. What is even more impressive than their technology is the level of service that they are providing continuously. From the beginning, the team has been dedicated to solving every detail of our requirements, overcoming all challenges that we faced. They managed to overcome multiple obstacles, with dedication and with remarkable technical knowledge. Stratify is the kind of provider we need and want. I can recommend them 100% as a genuine and committed partner.”

Jaime Velez – Gerente Finanzas STG Chile

“Stratify surprised me with their solution and with their personalized service. They took our data management to the next level in speed, automation, quality, and flexibility. They managed to deliver outstanding results in days. Something I considered impossible to do before working with them. The part that stands out the most is their willingness and ability to adapt to our needs. They have helped us learn and evolve since the very beginning. Other solutions or implementers propose projects that last several months. With Stratify we took advantage of your data in days.”

Claudio Navia – CFO Avant Servicios Integrales

“With Stratify we found the strategic partner we need. I didn’t think it would be feasible to turn my concern for data into a strength of my team in such a short time. Stratify provides us with a balanced service customized to our needs. Each advance we achieve involves understanding and learning the relevant technical details and concepts. It’s a pleasure to see the team grow, feel their motivation and be able to visualize the added and tangible value that we generate.

Pablo Jabat – CFO Demaria

“I am very satisfied with the Stratify service. More than delivering a solution, they taught us the fundamentals and accompanied us in the selection and implementation. Without being an expert, I now understand key aspects required for executive-level decision-making. It gives me peace of mind in an area that is hard to grasp due to its technical components.

I was surprised by the speed: my expectations were weeks or months, but after a few days, my team showed me the first report.”

Jaime Mejia – CFO Gourmet

“Stratify has delivered a service and solution that excels in clarity, insight and applicability. They captured technical complexities, organizational particularities, and managed to adapt perfectly to our business objectives. Nowadays, I am at ease about technology and data management issues because I know we are on the right track and I understand why. I am also certain that in the near future our technological capacity will be a competitive advantage and a key contributor to our growth.”

Enrique Allende – Director Brave

“The work Stratify did is of the highest quality and it will help us to always be close to the members of our Tribe. Thank you for connecting with the drivers of what we do and for allowing us to take advantage of all the information we have around us.

Eternally grateful to you and from here, ambassadors forever of what you do!”


Joaquin Mena –
Gerente Ecocultiva

“The work done by Stratify was excellent from start to finish. The team’s ability to understand the problems we were facing, their effect on our business, and the value we could capture by solving them made the project unfold at extraordinary speed, with a lot of focus on the relevant problems and a lot of pragmatism in the solution. final. Without a doubt, from now on we will be able to have better knowledge to face business challenges.”



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